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Chazon Ish – Mehudar Set


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Celebrate Succos with an Arba Minim set grown by our expert farmers and chosen with extra keen eyes, extreme care and perfect attention.

Each set of Arba Minim includes:

1 Lulav

1 Esrog

3 Vacuum packed Haddasim

2 Vacuum packed Aravos

1 Koishele Lulav holder

Care Instructions: 

We strongly advise that you store the Haddasim and Aravos in a refrigerator immediately upon receipt of your order. The Esrog and Lulav should be stored at room temperature.

All of our Arba Minim sets are 100% Certified kosher, and are properly labeled on all packaging.

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The preferred option is to store it away to burn with the Chametz on Erev Pesach. We are now offering a recycling service for Lulavim! We will store your used Lulav all winter and burn it for you on Erev Pesach. This is a perfect option for anyone who is traveling away from home for Pesach or is short on storage space. We offer three options: Pick up before Pesach and take to Chametz Burning - $10 per lulav Pick up after Succos and store till Erev Pesach - $18 per lulav Send to Eretz Yisrael for burning - $36 per lulav
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